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About David

Why David

David Tutera has worked in the event planning industry for over thirty years. Producing events for some of the biggest starts such as: Sir Elton John, Prince Charles, Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Barbara Walters, Vanessa Williams, Tori Spelling, Matthew McConaughey and Nancy Reagan. David believes that each event should be special and unique, leaving you feeling as if you experienced something you will never experience again. David is all about joy and celebrating life. Now, after all this time, David has decided it is time to share his knowledge and help other event planners grow. Through the David Tutera Mentorship Program, you will get hands on learning from David himself and his husband and business partner, Joey. Both David and Joey bring a unique perspective to the event planning industry and strive to bring positivity and growth to the Mentorship Program.

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A Note From David

After three decades of planning and designing events throughout the world, I realized that it was time to share all that I have experienced and learned with others.

This program is what I wish I had had earlier in my career. With no guidance, no insight, no business education and no direction, I had to learn by trial and error, and I made so many mistakes! However, with struggles can come amazing success.

I take great pride in bringing information, knowledge and insight to our industry. We all share a common passion which is making others happy through planning and designing CELEBRATIONS.

You will learn, grow your business and increase your confidence not just in this industry but within yourself.


Surround yourself with others that believe you are great...because YOU are!


A Note From Joey

I am thrilled to be able to support all the mentee's in the David Tutera Mentorship program.  My involvement in this program, is sharing my behind the scenes operational stories and learning as well as infusing into each training my coaching perspectives.  I am thrilled for this opportunity to be part of your journey.  It is my intention to share concepts that challenge you to think in new ways operating your business and your life as a "High Performer".   In our time together, I will amplify David's mentorship with my perspective of mindset, adaptability, getting past your fears and stepping out each day as your best self!

What Does it Mean to be an Event Planner?

An Event Planner is organized and creative. Someone that is able to communicate with clarity and lead with confidence. They are able to pull together a team of vendors while maintaining production and event timelines. They can produce an event that is seamless and magical.

An Event Planner Executes the Impossible, Does the Precision Work, Creates Beauty, Listens Carefully, Tells a Story, and Makes Dreams Come True! Event Planners can also be commonly referred to as Wizards, Friends, Magicians, Therapists, or Fairy Godfather/mothers.

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What Does it Mean to be a Designer?

A designer visually brings to life their clients visions and dreams. They are able to transform a venue or space into a unique reality. A designer is in charge of creative development, design boards, selecting textures, and color palettes. Designers connect with their clients and bring the vision and emotion of their client hopes for their celebration to life. David believes that a successful event designed is heightened when five senses are collectively experienced at one time, therefore creating a brilliant environment full of uniqueness and beauty.

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