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How do I effectively brand my business and myself?

Create a clean and specific design for your logo, as well as colors for your website and a series of words that best represent your company. This should stay consistent in all collateral, presentations and more. 

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What is the best way to present prices? A flat fee or based on percentages? 

In my experiences I have found that a flat fee is clean, clear and transparent vs a percentage or charging an hourly fee.

How do you deal with a challenging client?

Do your very best to always stay positive. Clients are not always easy but we have to remember we love what we do and we have to love what we do for our client. It is never our responsibility to be best friends with a client but it is necessary to be professional and act with kindness. 

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How do you deal with a client who continues to go over budget?

At the start of your conversations with a potential client you should provide an estimated working budget. This allows for your client to see the scope of the budget based on the expectations they have. If after being contracted your client begins to add ideas that result in an increase of the budget you must bring this to the client's attention immediately and have them agree or disapprove of them. 

How do I start charging for design, because often my planning turns into designing without a fee?

It must be made clear when you are speaking with your client prior to being officially contracted that you are the planner. If design is something that they are interested in having you do it must also be made clear that there is a separate fee and contract. 

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How important is a design board when presenting to a client?

This is golden - design is about visuals and without visuals it will be hard to showcase what you are proposing to create. You must build an outstanding presentation that will support your pricing and ultimately get you the job.

It's ALL in the Details!

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