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We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

-Walt Disney

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Indian Wedding Celebration 

This wedding was full of color and texture. Their culture is shown through the food, religious ceremony, and importance of family and friends.  

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Country Opulent Wedding

This chic country wedding was designed with an abundance of floral. With grand chandeliers, flowing drapery, stunning table settings, and a romantic color palette that truly brought the event to life. 


Traditional Jewish Wedding 

In this traditional Jewish wedding, we focused largely on the chuppah. The chuppah represents the new home that the couple will have once they are married. For this particular family, they had an immense love for flowers and the design of the dinner reflected that. The family of the bride wanted things to be very formal and you can see that in the table settings.


Traditional Indian Ceremony

For this wedding, the infusion of two cultures was very important. As you can see, the ceremony was influenced by the families religion - the traditional henna, the floral leis, and all of the fashion. The shift in culture comes during the celebration which was visually an American event. With blush colors, American music and American food. 

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Anniversary Party

This was a first year anniversary celebration under a tent. The colors were white to celebrate a wedding ceremony and since paper is the gift to give for a first anniversary, all of the flowers in the center glass vases were all made out of paper. White linens, tent, and table settings. 

The feeling was romantic, etherial, elegant, and celebratory. 


Italian Wedding Celebration 

This wedding's reception took place inside a wine cellar. The elements - the color tone  of burgundy, gold tassels on the back of chairs, the Tuscan cuisine, wine pairings with the food, an Italian opera singer,  and the trees that were brought into the space to look like Italian trees were all meant to reflect an elegant,  romantic Italian theme. 

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Indonesian Wedding

This wedding focused largely on floral art. Their vision was modern and organic -creating upside down nests for people to dine under,  incorporating interesting textures with the twine and flowers, and using design and planning elements that had never been done before. The attention to detail was flawless. 


Middle Eastern Birthday Party

The client for this event was from Saudi Arabia and this was reflected in every element of the party. The colors were bright and bold. The entertainment was belly dancers, drummers, and a DJ that played traditional Saudi music. The tents allowed everyone feel as if they were in their own oasis. 


First Birthday Party

This one-derland themed party was a first birthday celebration. It was a mad hatter tea party. The colors were yellow, pink, and white with shades of soft green. The backs of the chairs had hats. Tea was served. Characters from Alice in Wonderland were present. Big, floating balloons. All of these details allowed the adults to really feal like children. It was playful, whimsical, and magical. 

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