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Why Mentor?

Stand UP - Step OUT - Get HIRED

1. What is the most challenging part of business that is getting in your way of growth?

2. Are you having difficulties closing the deal? David will share simple, yet solid practices to book the client.

3. Do you know the best methods to determine the wants and needs of a client?

4. How do you develop a working budget for your client and keep the client on budget?

5. Keeping yourself ahead of the industry trends is sometimes difficult, David can keep you relevant.

6. Planning and designing events takes a lot of time. What can you do to balance your clients, your business, and your personal life? David and Joey will share practices that will provide you with peace and clarity. 

Here's Just a Taste of What You'll Learn!



How to Attract the Right Client

  • Top 5 Secrets to Attracting Clients

  • How to Create an Irresistible Proposal

  • Why Clients Should Hire YOU

  • How to Gracefully Handle Challenging Clients

  • Understanding Your Clients

  • Best Practices for Contracts & Payments

Business Growth Strategies

  • How to Attract PR and Media Opportunities

  • Developing Your Mission Statement

  • How to Position Yourself as  an Industry Leader

  • Your Brand and Business DNA

  • Successful Pricing and Budgeting Strategies



Vendors & Venues

  • Best Practices for Demos & Presentations

  • Understanding Permits and Insurance

  • How to Effectively Communicate with Your Vendors

  • Creating and Developing Event Timelines

  • David Tutera Event Case Studies - floorplans, timelines, design boards, and a video of the event

Balancing Life & Business

  • Creating a Mindset for Success

  • Breakthrough Patterns that Hold you Back

  • Creating a Healthy and Creative Working Environment with Your Employees​​

  • Self-Care Secrets for Busy Event Planners

  • ​Finding Your Creativity Through Everyday Life and Spending Time with Loved Ones​

  • Connecting with Your Purpose

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